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A warrant canary is a method by which a communications service provider informs its users that the provider has not been served with a secret access subpoena.

Please visit Canary Watch to view additional companies registered with the canary watch service.

Version: Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 This is Invacio's Warrant Canary

Existing and proposed laws, especially as relate to the US Patriot Act, etc., provide for secret warrants, searches and seizures of data, such as library records.

Some such laws provide for criminal penalties for revealing the warrant, search or seizure, disallowing the disclosure of events that would materially affect the users of a service such as those provided by Invacio Holdings and subsidiary's, domains and services.

Invacio Holdings and its principals and employees will in fact comply with such warrants and their provisions for secrecy as legally prescribed by US law.

Invacio Holdings will also make available, monthly, a "warrant canary" in the form of a cryptographically signed message containing the following:

- this declaration that, up to that point, no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place

- a cut and paste headline from a major news source, establishing date

Special note should be taken if these messages ever cease being updated, or are removed from this page.

This scheme is not infallible. Although digitally signing the declaration makes it impossible for a third party to forge arbitrary declarations, it does not prevent them from using force to coerce us to produce false declarations. The news clip in the signed message serves to demonstrate that that update could not have been created prior to that date. It shows that a series of these updates were not created in advance and posted on this page.

Neither Invacio Holdings nor its principals or employees have ever been served with any warrants, nor have Invacio Holdings's servers or other assets been searched or seized by government authorities.

As of Sun 98 06:25:33 2015 UTC, here are the current headlines:

(from http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/businessNews)

Volkswagen managers afraid to travel to the U.S.: paper

Boeing eyes new partnerships

Lufthansa flights hit as crew start longest-ever strike

Germany says testing diesel cars of foreign automakers

Exclusive: Toshiba tries to sell down $7 billion U.S. gas commitment

Nissan joins automakers dropping Takata air bag inflators

UAW, Ford reach tentative contract deal, ratification vote next

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Who Is Involved In CanaryWatch?

Canarywatch is a coalition of organisations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, NYU's Technology Law & Policy Clinic, Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Calyx Institute. The Calyx Institute runs and hosts canarywatch.org.

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