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Secure professional email, Online storage, Shared Calendars, Video
conferencing and many more facilities built for security-minded business.
Designed for simplistic secure collaboration.

Professional email
and much more.

A custom email (@ with 24/7 support, custom server storage, and more.

The freedom of production
from anywhere.

Create, edit and share data while on the phone, tablet or laptop easily.

Security and control
of the enterprise.

Secure, simplistic management of the data and communications throughout the enterprise.

Your facilities to be more productive securely

Take Invmail to work

Invmail a simplistically secure communications system built squarely on a zero-knowledge framework coupled with end-2-end encryption was developed with people on the move in mind. Advanced features for business, including the voice, video, messaging and email communication, and a storage rate that you set based on your requirements.

Collect and share securely
with Invdrop.

Store your files in Invdrop. Access files from any device, any time, anywhere. And instantly share with with the team, clients or other. No need to send attachments or sift through different versions of your files.

Conference securely
face to face.

Secure HD video conferencing with Invmail. Offering up-to 10 locations, developed for desktop, laptop, tablet or mobiles, you can share your screen presentation's, share your screen's and communicate freely.

Calendars, cloud storage and more

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Some of the businesses that have turned to Invmail

Whitstable Harbour Day

We are very satisfied with the service and facilities Invmail has supplied.

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Invmail has helped our organisation immensely, Now we can work with our partners across the globe, securely and easily.

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In our industry it is all about simplistic systems, we are now able to communicate efficiently and securely with our employees, suppliers and clients whilst saving at least 50% of the time from existing methods.

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AqBay required a system that allowed us to reach out to our interested parties, quickly and securely, Invmail has provided this as well as the additional features from storage to management.

Naturally, Invacio our parent Co, required a system that was secure, ease to use and efficient, now we offer the same to any interested party.

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