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Invmail mobile/tablet rendering is now available for beta testing.

Introducing Encrypted communications for all your devices...

Security & Usability

Multinationally located yet strategically placed...

Invmail is a secure zero-knowledge end-to-end communications platform, offering facilities such as e-mail, vid/voice calling, and a messengering service.

Strategic Privacy Legal Setup

Strategic data storage Invmail is established in a number of countries including BVI, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, all of our 'end-user' data-servers are located in Switzerland. Strategically placed so that our user data would be protected by the strict Swiss privacy laws.

Simplistic Usability

Security without a drama! Invmail is multi device compatible, no install and web-based. Invmail facilities are fully compatible with alternative providers, You can communicated back and forth without any obstacles.

100% Free

Secure communications with a 0 price tag We believe communication privacy and security are fundamental human rights that should be available for everyone. Our basic are free and will continue to be.

Modern UX

Gone are the days of using command-line or like to communicate securely! The Invmail UX is optimised for productivity and intuitive usability.


Client-side encryption

Invmail encrypts data client-side by default. This data includes emails, contacts, passwords, and various other data provided by users more...

Completely Anonymous

Built on a zero-knowledge architecture When you first log in to Invmail you will see the lengths we go to protect your privacy. more...

Open Source Cryptography

Time-tested and trusted encryption algorithms We believe that 4096 bit End-to-End Encryption is a must for emails in transit.more...

Responsive Mobile/Tablet

Invmail has been built to render on all devices To-date our concentration has been on the functionality, however when we launch out of beta for both Invacio and Invmail we will begin working on mobile devices for both systems... more...

Simplistic Secure Design

Our user interface is designed to process faster whilst being simplistic to use.

See the simplicity of sending a secure email through Invmail


Secure Emails

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Secure V/V Calls

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Secure Messages

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Our Mission

Our Statement

In everything we do, we strive to provide privacy for our members. With every feature we launch, every design, we consider the implications for user security. This is why we have spent a great deal of time putting together Invacio, Invmail is a beautiful way to send encrypted email without lifting a finger, or to make secure calls or video calls at a touch of a button, Invmail is built on a zero-knowledge architecture and comes with seamless client-side encryption as standard, this is packaged into an intuitive and highly secure email client.

About Invacio

Since our founding team met in early 2014 and created Invacio, Invacio has grown significantly in demand as well as a system. Today, we are counting down the days till we formally launch all our systems, with a pre-signup db ever growing. In addition to our headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, BVI, we have offices or facilities within HK, Switzerland, Holland, India, Thailand our data however is stored in our own servers in Switzerland at two locations. Our global presence has allowed us to build a multi-national workforce of dedicated staff to support, develop and manage as well as monitor our facilities and product on a 24 hour basis.

We believe that communication privacy and security are human rights which are international requirements regardless of borders. Inclusion and diversity are our core company values. Collectively, we are a team of experienced experts from around the world speak English, German, French, Spanish, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Russian.

Langham Place Office Tower, Functioning office for Invacio, Hong Kong

Interested in bringing a unique service to market?

We are looking for talented experienced individuals interestd in launching a more secure and privacy-based online-environment...

Meet our team

Creative Ninjas

Invacio has been building a core team over the past two years of development for Invacio, however here is a highlight of the players leading the Invmail development.

William James Dalrymple West

William J D West

Founder & CTO

William has vast experience in the tech industry gained from BT, IBM, and various major packages from finance systems, to recruitment systems to development of a MMORPG whilst still studying, Invacio for him is a passion

Linleeya West

Linleeya West

Project Management

Linleeya has a wealth of experience brought on from her years at Asian Power Houses, True Communications, Centara Group, Studied in Thailand and Switzerland, numerous languages and a keen learner, Linleeya has over seen the development of Invacio, whilst matching demands to time lime requirements.

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy

Finance Advisor

Andrew has been captured by the creativity and energy of enterprise; seeing how things come together and working with entrepreneurs to make ideas come to life. He has worked across Asia developing business processes, strategy, and operational excellence that enables businesses to succeed.

Arvind Patel

Arvind Patel

Lead Developer

Arvind has played a role in the development since the beginning of Invacio, joining the team he has excelled and brought a wealth of experience, Arvind is responsible for the entire development team

Ashvin M

Ashvin M

Lead Engineer

Ashvin has played a role in the development since the beginning of Invacio, joining the team he has excelled and brought a wealth of experience, Ashvin is responsible for the entire tech stack development team

Daniel Wolfgang

Daniel Wolfgang


Daniel and William, long time friends, a German and a Brit, ideal candidate for the design side of Invacio, thus Daniel was brought on to the project from the very beginning, essentially any thing that looks sleek, pretty etc you can be sure Danny played a role in it.


Team Members


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Pre-Signups to Invacio

Mission Statement

Privacy is a Human Right

"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of Human Rights Act.

Governmental organisations, international organisations and criminal organisations illegally accumulate personal information at a scale previously thought impossible.

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.” - Edward Snowden.

Digital Encryption is a tool to help the populace reclaim their privacy, but previously it has always been difficult to use. We believe Invacio and Invmail will break this obstacle allowing the ability to socialise and communicate online securely, we feel this is a modern day Human Right.

Our mission is to make a encrypted communication platform accessible to everyone.


Choose your option

Invacio will be launching to the beta round with the free account, over the course of the upcoming release's we will bring online premium services, further more Over the course of the next release a number of packages will be assembled, or in-system bolt-on which can easily be applied to the account. Also note we have received vast interest from the private sector banking scene, private asset management scene, and we are pleased to say we can now accommodate "own infrastructure setup inc.. Branding" as well as cloud set up our end.


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